Brussels in 3 days

Everything you must know about Brussels

General view of a street in Brussels

First of all Brussels is the capital city of Belgium that belongas to Europe. In this incredible city you can find the European Parliament, the Atomium, the Manneken Pis, among others things. Here we give you a guide to see almost every corner in only 3 days. In addition, we will keep a low budget for those, like us, who can’t or won’t spend too much. 

Fun Fact:

Brussels is bilingual and there are 2 official languages: French and Dutch. While Belgium has three official languages: French, Dutch and German. This all depends on the region you are.

Day one

This day you will arrive in Brussels. (if you arrive in the morning better, more time!!) To go from the airport to your hotel you can pick the train, the people in the station are nice and will help you to choose the ticket.

The first thing you can visit is the Grand Place where you can see the Everard ‘T Serclaes statue. Then you can walk a little bit around and sit at the bar Delirium Café to try their variety of beer. Next you can go see the Jeanneke Pis and then the Manneken Pis, they are not in the same place but this will let you explore other corners in Brussels. 

If you didn’t eat it is time to do it, go to some restaurant that serves some typical cuisine. 

Once you catch energy with the delicious lunch, go to the Church of Our Lady of Victories at the Sablon, near there you have a little park that is beautiful. From there you will go to the Royal Palace, and as well there is a much bigger park beside it. Then you can go to the European Quarter and see the European Parliament, the Council of Ministers and the European Commission. Among the modern architecture of that district. 

St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral, Brussels


Don’t forget to enjoy every church that is open, they are beautiful. Something really interesting is that some of the churches are converted into restaurants or even into a climbing wall :)

Day two

The second day you can go on a trip to Brujas y Gante, this will take you half of the day, but it is worth it .You can find this trip in Civitatis

When you return you can go and visit the Chocolate museum. (a perfect excuse to eat one of the best chocolates in the world;)). There is also a comic museum in case you are a fan of comics, especially The Adventures of Tintin and the Smurf. Next you can go to the Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert, enjoy the luxury architecture of these galleries. And finish this day with some food in the restaurant Chez Leon

Ohh and don’t forget to eat a brussels waffle when you can, as well as the french fries, they are very typical.

Day three

This is the last day to enjoy Brussels. Today you might want to wake up early to go to the Atomium, that way there will be less tourists and you can take amazing photos to post on your socials. To go there you may have to take the tram because it’s far from the center. When returning back from there, take a walk to look around. Then you can go to the GardeRobe MannekenPis, which is the museum where you can see all of his outfits. If you have more time you can go and see the Zinneke Pis. With these things you almost see Brussels entirely.



Hope you enjoy your trip to Brussels and that this post helps you at least a little!!!