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U.S. Passport procedures

us passport

A passport is not merely an official document; it is the proof of your nationality. Whether you get a job overseas or are planning a vacation outside the country, the passport is perhaps the most important document that you would require. In the United States of America, the US Department of State is entrusted with the responsibility of issuing passports to the US citizens. Unlike many countries which follow a tedious process while issuing fresh passports to the applicants, the US Department of State follows a very simple yet stringent procedure.


In the US, all applications for passports have to be accompanied with some necessary documents. These include two passport size photographs of the applicant, proof of nationality and a valid photo ID. A person can apply for passport in one of the two ways. He/she can approach the US Department of State in person. Alternately, the passport application form can be easily downloaded from the internet.


First time Passports

For first time passport applicants there are two ways for receiving the passport after processing the application. These are the Routine Service and Expedited Passport Service. The routine service processes the application within 10 to 12 weeks whereas in the expedited passport service the processing time is usually 2 to 3 weeks. In both services, the application fee and execution fee are kept at the same level.

However, while opting for the expedited passport service, applicants are required to pay for the expedited service cost as well.

To gain more information on how to get a passport interested applicants may visit the official website of the US Department of State.

Touring the Dark World

Thanatourism catacombs


Owing to the growing rates of natural disasters and changing life styles of people, a lot of new concepts are seeing daylight these days. Moreover, people do not flinch anymore to show their inclination towards such things these days, and on the contrary, they provide their active participation.

No we are not talking about anything kinky here, what we are really aiming at is the concept of grief-tourism or dark-tourism, which involves touring those places where some kind of disasters have taken place earlier or where people were murdered. The destinations of such tourism involve the likes of the place where the mighty Titanic had sank, or the Nazi extermination camp at Auschwitz in Poland or the Death Railway in Kanchanaburi, where 13,000 PoWs, 80,000 Asian laborers and 1,000 Korean and Japanese guards died while working in the most dreadful circumstances conceivable. is a site, which deals with this kind of tourism. They can offer very competitive plans for most of the grief tourism destinations all around the world.



Thanatourism is another type of dark tourism, but it is a lot more intense, as in this kind of tourism people go to such destinations where they can encounter death, or the rituals that are performed after human execution. For example, the ritual of Sky Burial in Tibet is great tourist attraction, where the human corpse is hacked into pieces and fed to condors, as alms.

Although, this might seem a bit weird to a few of you at the beginning, especially, to those who certainly do not share the fervor for touring these kind of destinations. However, if you see closely then you will understand, that this is just another variety of tourism, and going to these places is perfectly normal and you will also understand the significance of the presence of grief tourism in pop culture.


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Amsterdam – The city of freedom and good vibrations

travel to amsterdam

Amsterdam, a city rich in history.

Amsterdam is the city that is surrounded by good spirits and positive people. It gives you the enormous feeling of beauty, goodness and above all – the freedom. You feel free to wear whatever you like, to do in the streets whatever you like, to stare for hours at some of the gorgeous canals and make it a wonderful day to remember.

Capital of the Netherlands, although the parliament and the main institutions of the state are located in The Hague. Amsterdam is also the largest city in the Netherlands with a population of nearly 750,000 inhabitants.

Amsterdam is a city rich in history. In the seventeenth century, this city was the trading capital of the world. The period from the sixteenth and seventeenth century is called the Golden Age of Amsterdam and at the same time the Golden Age of Dutch culture, especially painting.


Tip: Amsterdam: Hop-On Hop-Off Bus with Boat


The city and its layout is the perfect combination of modern and old. Modern buildings are well harmonized with the exterior facades of the seventeenth century. Advantage of the big tourist city is its medium size, which allows tourists to see and experience all of its beauty in a short period. Amsterdam has over 3.5 million tourist visits annually.

The central, which is a major tourist destination, lies between the canal in the form of semicircles go one after the other until the canal Spiegel (Spiegelgracht) which is the boundary of the core city center – the so-called Old Town (the place where Amsterdam was founded). Canals are the hallmark of Amsterdam and one of the reasons why some parts of this city are called “Northern Venice”.


Amsterdam Squares


One of the biggest tourist attractions of Amsterdam is Dam Square. While in Amsterdam you find much nicer parts, quieter and neater, the square with its magnificent facade of the Royal Palace, New Church and museum Madame Tussauds is certainly worth your time. It is a place of special historical importance. On this square once made the handover of Napoleon back in 1808th year.

In Amsterdam there are two important squares: Square Leidseplain and Rembrandt Square. The two squares are centers of entertainment in Amsterdam and a place where tourists spend most of their time.

Among the other attractions of this city, the ones that stand out are red zone and park erotic, where photography is prohibited; the Magere Brug, which in translation means the most famous bridge. This bridge is of similar importance as the Tower Bridge in London, even in the same way and it works (is raised to let ships). This bridge is made even 1670th year, but was reconstructed several times.

Finally we should mention Albert Cuyp Market, which is one of the best known and most popular open market in Europe. Thousands of visitors a day walk the drinking, especially a large number of Saturdays. Here you can find everything from fresh food to clothing.

Amsterdam is definitely a city to see and experience. It is one of the capitals of Europe that the whole continent can be proud of.

Why Sailing the Seas Can Help You Relax

sailing a boat

Sailing was once thought of only as a pursuit of the wealthy or privileged. Bobbing up and down on the waves, learning to navigate, tack and control the boat and feeling the sun on your face. It seemed that all these things were only possible if you owned your own yacht or kept a second home in the Florida keys. But recent years have seen community sailing groups and affordable yacht clubs open up this world of relaxation for anyone to enjoy.


So what is it about sailing that makes people recommend it so highly for easing the strains of daily life?.



The Perfect Stress-Relief

Whether you need a good two-week break or just want a weekend’s sail with the family, getting out onto the open waters can make you feel light-years away from your troubles. When asked, a significant majority of people claim to feel at their most relaxed beside the sea, whether it’s because of the gentle sound of the tide moving in and out, the distant call of gulls or just the salty breeze blowing inland.

Add to this the chance to spend a few days or weeks in some of the world’s most scenic coastal spots – Naples, New Zealand’s Auckland harbour or even the idyllic shores of Suffolk – and you have the perfect recipe for a peaceful getaway.

The Physical Challenge

It’s true that exercise is one of the most important things you can do to keep both body and mind healthy. with a skipper or crew to manage the boat, many more will allow you to have a go at the ropes yourself. The physical effort and agility required soon gets unused muscles working, refreshes a tired mind and gives you a completely different workout to being stuck indoors at the gym or swimming at the local pool.



Social Interaction and Team Building

The biggest testament to sailing’s capacity to relax is that there are organisations which actively promote it as a form of therapy. One such organisation in California is Heart of Sailing, which was set up to provide trips for those with special needs along with their family and friends.

A sailing team takes people of all ages and with all kinds of developmental disabilities and encourages them to join in with the communal chores on board, interact with each other and improve things such as motor function and hand-eye co-ordination. In addition, they have found that levels of confidence soar when the participants learn to manoeuvre the boat or take charge of the helm.

Sailing has also become a popular opportunity for leadership and team-building exercises and other corporate training events. Though the challenges of working together on deck can be tough, the development in both individuals and the overall team can be inspiring and immensely enjoyable. Sailing is one of the most relaxing hobbies you can take up and with trips for both beginners and seasoned sailors alike, the stress-relief can start whenever you’re ready.


Tom Harker is a water-sports enthusiast and writer for various online journals and blogs. He first started crewing boats around Europe as a summer job from university with yachting clubs (Malaga and the Caribbean) and has formed a life-long passion for sailing ever since.

Travel to Australia for Studying – A Prospective Student’s Guide

student australia

With fees at English universities rising and a recession biting, many British people are studying abroad. Australia, with its attractive climate and laid-back lifestyle, is highly popular, but what do you need to know before you go?.


Why Australia?

Australia is the third most popular destination for international students and home to seven of the world’s top 100 universities, according to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, 2012-13. Fifteen Nobel Prize winners have come from Australian universities and if you go there to study you can choose from 22,000 courses at 1,100 institutions. This, combined with lots of sunshine and seemingly endless beaches, makes Australia extremely tempting to many students looking to broaden their experience of education and of the world.

British students travelling to Australia do, of course, have an advantage in that they already speak the language of their destination country, which greatly eases their transition into the new culture.


The Paperwork

To travel to Australia as an international student on a student visa, you must be accepted onto a course and at an institution, approved by the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses (CRICOS). CRICOS-registered institutions are not all providers solely of formal, academic education as vocational education is covered, too. If you do not wish to travel purely as a student, you can combine work and travel by enrolling on the Working Holiday Maker Programme. Other options include student exchanges, study tours and distance education.


How Much Does It Cost?

If you are accepted onto a course in Australia, the cost will naturally vary according to the institution and the level/subject of study. However, as a rough guide you can expect to pay:

  • Vocational education: AUS$4,000 to AUS$22,000
  • Undergraduate/bachelor’s degree: AUS$15,000 to AUS$33,000 (more for expensive subjects such as medicine)
  • Post-graduate masters degree: AUS$20,000 to AUS$37,000
  • Doctorate: AUS$14,000 to AUS$37,000 (more for expensive subjects such as medicine)

The fees above are course fees and must be paid in full before you begin studying. You must, of course, budget for living costs on top of this. The Australian Government invests AUS$200,000,000 annually in international scholarships, so that may be an option.



If studying in Australia is an option for you, there is a great deal to gain from pursuing it. The experience of living in a new culture, high quality education, the glorious climate, beaches, outdoors lifestyle and natural wonders of this great country will create lasting memories and leave you well equipped to follow whatever path you choose in life. The logistics of moving to Australia may also be rather easier than you think. Searching on the net you can find lots of practical information on how to get all your belongings, from computer desks to cars, out to Australia for the start of term.

When the time comes for you to return to the UK, many Australian institutions offer support and information on the practicalities and of course when you come home you can get help with transporting your belongings on the return leg of your journey. However, above all, be sure to enjoy your experience of studying in Australia, it is a life-changing opportunity.

Travel from Mumbai to Delhi and Create Sweet Memories

mombai delhi

The city of historic monuments, verdant gardens, striking parks, calm sea beaches, street markets, shopping malls and The Bollywood, Mumbai is simply amazing in every aspect. If elegance and modernism fascinates you the most, Mumbai is just more perfect than any other tourist destination. It is extremely prudent to visit this city of dreams if you are exhausted with the monotony of life. Bring some excitement & thrill in your life to have a different experience that you have never thought before. Visiting Mumbai reduces half of your stress and fills with a different enthusiasm. You can

Is Mumbai yet that much fascinating, if you are from here itself? It must be. Mumbai has a different charm that not only fascinates outsiders but the keeps the locals delighted. However being in Mumbai, you can’t plan your holiday here. So, where to go? India has several destinations to spend a memorable vacation. Look for a destination that has something common to your city yet offers so much things unlike. What will you choose? Choose Delhi, the capital city of India

Delhi, being one of biggest metropolitans & capital cities of India, has witnessed a grand history and the same grandeur can be seen in its every aspect. Preserving its old world elegance, the city has touched every aspect of modernism. Its expansion into National Capital Region has turned Delhi into a global and highly potential metropolitan. You have several reasons to visit Delhi on this holiday. Once you arrive, a blend of modernism and traditionalism will welcome you with open arms. The well sociable locals with their charming smile seem to greet you in a city that is prosperous in every aspect. Some of the popular attractions of this city are India Gate, Humayun’s Tomb, Lotus Temple, Rajghat, Parliament House, President House and Indira Gandhi Memorial.

If you have decided to spend holidays in Delhi, an important thing that you can’t ignore is advance planning of trip with all travel products like hotels, flight tickets and tour packages. Being a prominent travel route, it witnesses great traffic. Not only, holidaymakers come to Delhi from Mumbai but a huge number of businessmen also visit the city.

So, it becomes essential to plan your vacation earlier. It will also help you in good savings on trip and you can spend this amount in other things like shopping, sightseeing and many more. Explore various travel portals to discover the cheap flights from Mumbai to Delhi and book them to save big. Your holiday is going to be different.

Three Famous Family-Friendly Hotels in the UK

countryside hotels uk

The countryside of the UK is famous for many reasons. Its beautiful scenery and surrounding keep alluring thousands of tourists every year. They attract not only couples or lone travelers but also families with kids. Going in country retreats of family holidays UK is no more a nightmare, as the hotels present offer child-friendly facilities.

They welcome guests of all ages, whether you are going with adult, grown-up kids or babies. No need to feel uncomfortable anymore, as you are going to find all the activities and facilities needed by families with kids on a holiday.

What make these child-friendly hotels even more attractive are their state-of-the-art facilities and activities they offer for children. You may also find crèche facilities included in the price, and services of babysitting.

Added advantages are baby listening services, dedicated kids menus, baby facilities like bottle warming and sterilizers, cots or extra beds, which make an accommodation a great place to stay.

Here is a list of three famous family-friendly hotel retreats in the UK:

Cowley Manor, The Cotswold’s

Cowley Manor is a 19th century manor house. However, it has a contemporary, fresh and distinctive feel. It has 30 bedrooms with huge bathrooms. It is popular among young families, as it gives emphasis on comfort, services and a laid-back atmosphere.

The hotel enjoys 55 acres of parkland, woods and meadows, natural springs and a series of lakes but has no crèche yet there are baby listening and babysitting services available. In summers, families can book picnics in the grounds complete with mini- bar, giant beanbags and food-filled picnic baskets. One can also plan a visit to nearby adventure parks and zoo.

Kids are treated like VIPs at mealtimes, as they are given a separate family eating area, special cutlery and dedicated children’s menu. During school holidays, the hotel also puts on supervised activities and film screenings for children.


Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire

This Georgian manor house is set within acres of parkland and gardens. It has 133 bedrooms equipped with ultra-modern comforts. There is a crèche for kids and a spa with an indoor pool and outdoor whirlpool.

They also offer outdoor activities that include mountain-biking, horse-riding, tennis, clay pigeon shooting and golf. What makes this hotel a great choice is its location. It is just an hour from central London and is a great base for Lego land, Bird world and the nearby Roke Farm. For kids, baby facilities are available.

Children will find bath ducks, kids’ toiletries, mini bathrobes and their names spelt out in sponge letters in their rooms. Children can eat in the brasserie or main restaurant. Moreover, there is a kids menu offering everything from boiled eggs and soldiers to the ‘Catch of the Day’.


The Cotswold’s

This charming country hotel is set in a courtyard of lime trees, stone barns and stables. It is also surrounded by 220 acres of meadowland. It has been a former old English farmhouse (dating back to the 14th century).

The hotel has 35 bedrooms catering to people of all age groups. Moreover, there are 13 family bedrooms and suites away from the main house. For kids, the hotel offers baby boxes containing everything from changing mats to sterilizers.

Your kids would love the specially created children’s menus. You can enjoy outdoor activities in tennis courts and croquet lawn. There is a special play zone for kids.

Keeping Kids Content on Cooped-Up Cab Rides

kids cab taxi

There will always be those for whom the idea of travelling with kids really is about as wonderfully idyllic as it gets. Back on planet Earth however, the vast majority realise that what seems to be a simple logistical process often turns out to be the nightmare to end all nightmares. Kids and travelling can be the best of friends or the worst of enemies – it all comes down to a fair few combining elements.

Of course, kids tend to love planes and aren’t usually averse to trains, but stick them on a coach or in the back of a cab for more than 20 minutes and you know you’re walking on thin ice.

But here’s the thing – there’s still no instant quick-fix cure to make all kids Heavenly to travel with, but all parents of all kids have the power to make a pretty big difference.

It may not be foolproof and results will indeed vary, but there are so many ways and means by which you can ensure your wee bundles of joy don’t turn your journey into a nightmare before it’s even half-way through

Here’s a brief look at some top tips offered by cab and coach driving veterans on the rather delicate subject of keeping kids under control on longer journeys:


The Right Fuel

Right off the bat, it’s funny how many time parents scream and shout about their kids’ behaviour on a journey, only to then reveal they filled them full of sweets and sugary drinks prior to setting off.

Admittedly, it can be very tempting to give the kids what they like best in order to buy a little silence, but you have to remember that more sugar means more energy which makes for a more explosive situations en-route.

As such, one of the best tips of all to remember is that of putting the right fuel into the kids long before setting off, which means keeping sugar out of the equation and ideally anything else that tends to send them a little hyper.

This also counts for the journey itself too as anything that’s rich, heavy, fizzy or overly sweet is a recipe for upset stomachs and generally uncooperative kids!


The Right Driver

Something else to bear in mind is the way in which the driver…or more specifically the company you travel with…can make or break the journey in a big way. Opt for a reputable taxi company with a solid track record (e.g. Camberley Taxi) and you’ll have yourself a clean, quiet and comfortable car that’s driven sensibly and makes as many stops as need-be for the convenience of the passengers.

By contrast, book a less reputable option and you could end up with a dangerous rust—bucket that’s an outright hygiene hazard, piloted by a driver who thinks he’s on a Grand Prix circuit. Needless to say, noprizes for guessing which of the two makes for happier kids in the back.


The Right Distractions

You of course need bring a few of their favourite things along to keep them distracted, but choose wisely. You are after all trying to buy their silence to a certain extent, which means that while you may not agree with them sitting and staring at screens for hours on end, movies and TV shows are just brilliant – even on a small smartphone screen.

By contrast, try and get them to read anything while the car’s moving and you stand a pretty good chance of seeing them redecorate the cab with their breakfast – reading and travelling in cars do not go well together for most!


The Right Surprises

Along with the staple bits of entertainment you bring along, also pack something of a tiny surprise you can pull out just in time when it seems like a tantrum is inevitable.

Usually the fact that it’s new and unexpected is enough to have them completely forget about what was making them grumpy in the first place. And if they behave so well all the way that you don’t have to give it to them, make it a reward for being so delightful!


The Right Attitude

Last but not least, perhaps the most important tip of all when travelling anywhere with kids is to make sure you’ve got the right attitude. If you’re 100% convinced things will be disastrous, chances are you’ll make them so.

If you will only accept a 100% uneventful journey with angelic kids, you’ll be disappointed. As such, the best thing to do is expect the unexpected, plan for all eventualities and consider any tantrum-free arrival a successful arrival!

What you need to know about Bahrain visas for students

bahrain visa

Visas in Bahrain are divided according to a number of features they possess. One of them is the reason why one is visiting and how often they plan to do it

Which organization or body is sponsoring your visit also counts. This body can choose to arrange for your visa and have it issued before. Some of the requirements for those wanting to study in Bahrain to get sponsorship for student’s visas include

• A request for the student visa in form of a letter from the student’s parent or guardian

• The student’s original passport

• Proof of the parent or guardian’s income and residence in Bahrain is also important.

• The student also needs to have made the necessary payments as well.


Students visa, Bahrain information

• Some of the learning institutions will follow through the process of getting students their visas. However, the process cannot be guaranteed to be perfect. Having the process started early enough will reduce the delays and have your visa earlier. Nevertheless, the applicant’s nationality and their original state will what’s more play a part in this.

• The importance of a student’s visa for those wanting to study in Bahrain is that it makes it legal for them to live and study in the country.

• Student visa eligibility for immigration from Bahrain will depend on the particular countries they want to move to. Similar to Bahrain visas, these visas will also be varied and have conditions for students. It is important for students to know which fees are covered by the sponsoring institutions and which ones are not; this is especially with those with scholarships.

• Visas can be electronic where you obtain it online or standard where it will need to be manually stamped. It is advisable to always keep yourself informed about the requirements for Bahrain visas and always confirm whether you are eligible before application.

• If you intend to tour Bahrain as a student or for leisure you need to have your passport with extra pages to as to enable for the necessary stamping. The passport of course will need to be updated for you to get a visa.


Other types of Bahrain Visas


Tourist visas

Citizens from the United States, Canada, Hong kong, New Zealand and Australia will get a Bahrain visa for not more than 14 days. They are given out on the day they will arrive while other citizens are required to get it earlier form their embassies. The visitors must own return tickets as well.

Visiting to outside Bahrain, ensure that your passport is legitimate and has been valid for more than 90 days before you can start the process of travelling. If you are visiting from the GCC states and you have a passport, you will not need a Bahrain visa.


Three day and seven day visas

To get these visas processed, one will also need to have a return ticket for the journey. The visa will then be issued when they get to Bahrain.


Family visa

This is for those individuals who intend to permanently move to Bahrain. In order to have the visa processed, one needs to have:

• Records of their family’s health that are obtained from an endorsed health institution.

• The contract for the employee.

• The application documents.

• Copies of the passports that belong to the employee as well as the family members they intend to move with.

• A sponsorship letter belonging to the employee.

• The necessary payment fee required for every applicant.

With every type of visa, there are rules and conditions one has to follow. They provide guidance on how long one can stay, what activities one is prohibited from engaging in. For instance, upon visiting the country with a tourist visa, one is a tourist and not authorized to engage in any employment