Amsterdam – The city of freedom and good vibrations

Amsterdam, a city rich in history.

Amsterdam is the city that is surrounded by good spirits and positive people. It gives you the enormous feeling of beauty, goodness and above all – the freedom. You feel free to wear whatever you like, to do in the streets whatever you like, to stare for hours at some of the gorgeous canals and make it a wonderful day to remember.

Capital of the Netherlands, although the parliament and the main institutions of the state are located in The Hague. Amsterdam is also the largest city in the Netherlands with a population of nearly 750,000 inhabitants.

Amsterdam is a city rich in history. In the seventeenth century, this city was the trading capital of the world. The period from the sixteenth and seventeenth century is called the Golden Age of Amsterdam and at the same time the Golden Age of Dutch culture, especially painting.


Tip: Amsterdam: Hop-On Hop-Off Bus with Boat


The city and its layout is the perfect combination of modern and old. Modern buildings are well harmonized with the exterior facades of the seventeenth century. Advantage of the big tourist city is its medium size, which allows tourists to see and experience all of its beauty in a short period. Amsterdam has over 3.5 million tourist visits annually.

The central, which is a major tourist destination, lies between the canal in the form of semicircles go one after the other until the canal Spiegel (Spiegelgracht) which is the boundary of the core city center – the so-called Old Town (the place where Amsterdam was founded). Canals are the hallmark of Amsterdam and one of the reasons why some parts of this city are called “Northern Venice”.


Amsterdam Squares


One of the biggest tourist attractions of Amsterdam is Dam Square. While in Amsterdam you find much nicer parts, quieter and neater, the square with its magnificent facade of the Royal Palace, New Church and museum Madame Tussauds is certainly worth your time. It is a place of special historical importance. On this square once made the handover of Napoleon back in 1808th year.

In Amsterdam there are two important squares: Square Leidseplain and Rembrandt Square. The two squares are centers of entertainment in Amsterdam and a place where tourists spend most of their time.

Among the other attractions of this city, the ones that stand out are red zone and park erotic, where photography is prohibited; the Magere Brug, which in translation means the most famous bridge. This bridge is of similar importance as the Tower Bridge in London, even in the same way and it works (is raised to let ships). This bridge is made even 1670th year, but was reconstructed several times.

Finally we should mention Albert Cuyp Market, which is one of the best known and most popular open market in Europe. Thousands of visitors a day walk the drinking, especially a large number of Saturdays. Here you can find everything from fresh food to clothing.

Amsterdam is definitely a city to see and experience. It is one of the capitals of Europe that the whole continent can be proud of.