Grab the Best of Vegan Food in Atlanta

Atlanta is a beautiful city in the United States. It is known for its plush green locales and picturesque environment. The city is thronged by millions of tourists each year who visit the place for its breathtaking beauty. While the city has a numerous options for non-vegetarians to grab a quick bite, the vegetarians too have a few alternatives to satiate their hunger pangs. Let us look at some of the best eating joints offering vegetarian meals on their menu.

City pass atlanta


This is one of the places that offer solace to hungry vegetarian stomachs in Atlanta. The all vegan bakery and deli is one of the hotspots for vegetarians in the city. It is most famous for serving fresh breads, banana whoopee pies, and cinnamon rolls. A few of the items loved by customers include soft serve ice cream, soymilk coffees and deli sandwich with gluten based deli slices. The bakery provides free Wi-Fi to compliment your meal. Try the delicious and hot breakfast served every Sunday!.


This place is a delight for vegan food lovers. While the menu comprises Caribbean style vegetarian cuisine, the music in the background is joyful to go with the meals. This place is famous for serving healthy vegan food. The menu consists of a range of delicacies from the Caribbean cuisine. Its star preparations include jerk un-chicken, curry vegetables, tofu cutlets, marinated kale salad, iris moss drinks, curry ungoat, and unfish cakes. The outdoor seating and Wi-Fi are just apt to relish the delicacies served here.


This is an all vegan bakery and café. Its menu is not only vegetarian but organic as well. Most famous for its soups, sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, sweets, cupcakes, coffee, and tea. Some of the items loved by customers are cheesy cauliflower soup, eggplant parmesan flatbread, chocolate cupcakes, cinnamon bun, and chickpea salad.


This place serves raw and vegan cuisine that has been savoring customers ever since it launched in 2011. Most of its menu comprises raw foods like raw pizza, noodles, sweet corn, seaweed, couscous and hummus, kale salad and raw desserts. Some of the hits with customers include punany wrap, sweet coconut corn, curried plantain, curried tofu, pooh nanny wraps, tazo tea, naked juice, edamame medley, and angelic tomatoes.


This is one place that all the vegetarians are going to love. This joint is most renowned for serving a variety of cuisines like American, Southwestern, International, and Asian. Its menu includes creamy mushroom soup, portabella mushroom floretine, walnut crusted tofu cutlet, garden loaf, mashed potatoes, pad Thai, peanut butter, chocolate mousse pie, strawberry cake, caramel cake, chocolate cake, cheesecake, and blueberry cobble.

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