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Dream Holidays in Marbella South Spain

Marbella, situated in the foothills of the Sierra Blanca, on the Costa del Sol, in the province of Malaga. A mediterranean resort and firm favourite with holidaymakers from all over the world.

Since the 70s, Marbella has been renowned as a playground for rich and famous. Underneath all the swagger, there is so much more to Marbella. With cosmopolitan atmosphere, exudes charisma; attracting visitors for its many facets: diverse beaches, mild climate, multitude of leisure facilities, including some of the best golf courses in Europe; Michelin star restaurants, world-class nightlife and International luxury shopping brands.

Marbella is warm and welcoming city, beguiling to all who visit her. So it’s no surprise that time and again, it tops the most visited city in Spain list. Who wouldn’t want a piece of the action in Marbella?

 If you are looking for a holiday that offers great beaches, wonderful all-year round climate, unique leisure facilities, gastronomy and entertainment, its way of life will enchant you.


Although Marbella is a fairly modern town, it still has an interesting history and a significant architectural heritage.

Some experts believe the first settlement in the Marbella area dates back to the Phoenician occupation in the 7th century, although there is no conclusive evidence of this. The Casco Antiguo (Old Town) dates back to the Roman occupation and was originally called Salduba (Salt City).

See & Do

 Marbella offers so many activities and facilities, visitors have no need to venture away from the area to enjoy a full and active holiday.

In the cozy ’Orange Square’, you can while away hours, sipping sangria, taking in the beautiful surroundings and people, visiting the charming boutiques and gift stores.

The labyrinth of tiny streets and alleys that surround Orange Square will reveal further tiny shops selling all forms of trinkets, fashion and souvenirs and there are some excellent restaurants and bars for a young and trendy crowd.

Cross the road from the Old Town and you find yourself in La Alameda Park, filled with exotic plants, leading down to an open exhibition area; where you can enjoy a permanent exhibition of Dali sculptures and temporary art and media exhibitions during the year.

Down from the park is the Paseo Maritimo (Promenade); this is one of the favourite places for locals and visitors. The boulevard is filled with restaurants of all gastronomies, terraces facing out the beautiful Mediterranean.

Marbella’s beaches:

Furthermore Marbella coastline stretches from Cabopino through to San Pedro de Alcantara. 26 kilometres of golden sandy beaches, shelving down to the calm Mediterranean Sea.

By east, Cabopino port and beach are home to a couple of laid-back and economical Beach Restaurants, the beach right next to the port has sunbeds for hire and is a popular kite surfing spot. As you move west away from the port, the beach becomes a nudist spot. Head west to the popular area of Elviria and the famous Nikki Beach and then on to one of the most beautiful and natural stretches of beach.

Marbella town’s beaches are well equipped, with water sports facilities, beach restaurants line the golden sands, cooking sardines on the spit, ideal for family beach days. Head further west into Puerto Banus and you have a mix of family beach zones and hedonistic beach clubs, where you’ll likely bump into a few celebrities and paparazzi.

San Pedro de Alcantara, at the western limits of Marbella. Here the wide, palm-fringed beaches are more laid-back, backed by a beautiful promenade and restaurants.

Shopping: If you want to combine a beach holiday with a shopping trip, Marbella is an excellent choice. Between Marbella town and Puerto Banus you have an impressive mix of independent boutiques, luxury brands and international Spanish high street brands.

The luxury Port is crammed with designer boutiques, then this is the place to shop. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, then Marbella Old Town is a good shopping destination and La Cañada Shopping Centre on the highway above Marbella, is home to chain stores, boutiques, supermarkets, DIY stores.

Festivals: Around June, the summer season in Marbella gets going and with it comes a host of festivals and parties. Events include a weekend of pure luxury, at the Marbella Luxury Weekend and the annual Marbella Feria, a week of flamenco, flounce and frivolity. The summer solstice is celebrated on the beach for La Noche de San Juan, where bonfires are lit all along the beaches of Marbella. These three events take place in June. The world-renowned Starlite Festival comes to Marbella in August, bringing together musicians and artists from around the world in a series of concerts to raise money for charity.

Museums: Marbella might not be a big city, but it has its fair share of cultural attractions. If the day is overcast and you don’t fancy shopping, then we recommend a trip to the Bonsai Museum (Museo de Bonsai), which houses a wonderful collection of Bonsai trees from all around the world, in it’s fantastic garden-museum.

Art lovers have the choice of the Ralli Museum, a contemporary art space, with works from Latin American artists; the Poligono Gallery, a wonderful space created to emulate the art district in Beijing. The Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo houses exhibitions of engraving and art works from national artists.

Golf:10 golf courses in the Marbella area alone and over 50 in the region of the Costa del Sol. Local courses include: Rio Real, Los Naranjos, La Quinta, Marbella Club and Aloha Golf.

Places you can’t miss visiting

In the Plaza de Naranja ’Orange Square’, you can while away hours, sipping sangria, taking in the beautiful surroundings and people, visiting the charming boutiques and art galleries.

The labyrinth of tiny streets and alleys that surround Orange Square will reveal further tiny shops selling all forms of trinkets, fashion and souvenirs and there are some excellent restaurants and bars for a young and trendy crowd.

Cross the road from the Old Town and you find yourself in La Alameda Park, the park is filled with exotic plants and trees and you will feel like you have arrived to a tropical forest in the centre of Marbella. During many weeks of the year there are exhibitions on show in La Alameda.

Down from the park is the Paseo Maritimo (Promenade); this is one of the favourite places for locals and visitors. The boulevard is filled with restaurants of all gastronomies; all look to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

There are heaps of activities to keep a family occupied in Marbella, but if you want to venture out of town, pop down the road to Puerto Banus, making sure you stop off to visit some of the cool cafes and restaurants on the Golden Mile (Milla de Oro). Puerto Banus is notoriously known across the globe for its glitz and glam, chic and showy boutiques, clubs and yachting port. And it’s not far off the mark. If you have the cash to dash for a shopping spree, then here you can shop Gucci, Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, the designer list is endless. If you don’t have a spare couple of grand to go shopping, you still need to experience the port. During the day you can enjoy a stroll to the end of the portside, rhapsodize over the luxury yachts and then enjoy a Cosmopolitan cocktail at one of the portside bars, where you can sit on the terrace, watching the world glide by in their Ferrari.

The neighbouring town of San Pedro de Alcantara combines a traditional old-town, with a more modern seafront. There are some superb restaurants and a long, clean stretch of family-friendly beach.

Up into the mountains behind Marbella to enjoy day visits to some of the inland, whitewashed pueblos of the region. The closest village is Ojen, around 10 minutes drive from the coast, nestled between the Sierra Blanca and the Sierra Alpujata and just five minutes from the stunning Sierra de las Nieves natural park. A charming town, small but perfectly formed. Slightly further inland you have the villages of Monda and Coin, and Istan is reached heading inland from the Golden Mile. Many foreign residents have settled in these parts, but the villages still retain an air of the past and are worth a visit. You can spend a day out visiting several of the local interior villages, to get a feel of Andalucian life.

Gastronomy & Nightlife

Some of the best restaurants on the Costa del Sol can be found in Marbella, East Marbella, Puerto Banus and San Pedro de Alcantara. Traditional tapas bars, jostle with fish and seafood restaurants, beach bars, Michelin-star establishments and international diners. Whichever way you turn in Marbella, you’ll come across a restaurant. Head to the old fishing port for a plate of fried fish, clams sardines. The Old Town combines budget tapas with some real fine dining establishments.

If you want to eat and then party, you’ll find what you’re looking for in Marbella. Glamourous beach clubs, stylish cocktail bars, rowdy tapas until the early morning. You choose.

Travel Tips

Marbella has a mild micro climate, protected by the impressive Sierra Blanca mountain range, the winters are mild and the summer months reach 32-35 degrees. You don’t need a car, but if you want to get out of town and visit some of the region’s beaches and villages, then it’s advisable.

Holidays away from the crowds in the Bahamas

travel to bahamas sailing

The Bahamas in the Caribbean make an idyllic holiday destination. There are many accommodation options available on the islands including choices away from the crowds. Chartering a yacht and more remote beach houses are self-catering accommodation options in the Bahamas that offer added tranquility.

Located in the Caribbean, the Bahamas is made up of 700 islands and makes a perfect holiday destination. The archipelago boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with crystal clear waters and a large barrier reef which is fabulous for snorkelling. Islands of the Bahamas include the larger New Providence and Grand Bahama or you can head out to smaller or quieter islands such as the Abaco Islands. There are a range of hotels to cater for holidaymakers including all-inclusive hotels and some exclusive boutique hotels. While a hotel holiday may be attractive as there’s no need to think about cooking or washing-up and there is plenty of activities and entertainment laid on, self-catering holiday accommodation can often give you more freedom and seclusion away from the crowds.

The idea of being alone and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and not having to interact with other people, including hotel staff, can be very appealing. In self-catering accommodation you will often have more of your own space than you would in a hotel room and if you have young children self-catering options can be particularly practical as they can run around in without disturbing other guests. Accommodation options in the Bahamas away from the crowds include yacht charters and beach houses on the quieter and more remote islands.


Chartering a yacht in the Bahamas

Known as the sailing capital of the world, with its tranquil waters and gentle breezes, the Bahamas is an ideal sailing holiday destination. There are many companies that offer yacht charters and you can include a skipper for your holiday or, for those with more experience, you can sail yourself. A bareboat charter will mean that you hire a boat without any provisions provided so you are responsible for all your food requirements and sailing needs. This is perfect for giving you the freedom to sail round the islands of the Bahamas enjoying the seclusion and tranquillity away from the crowds.


Beach houses

Private beach houses are available to rent on many of the islands of the Bahamas. They will often provide space away from other holidaymakers and can be found in some of the most beautiful parts of the Bahamas. While the more remote islands can take longer the reach, you will be leaving the crowds behind and enjoying the sound of your own company. The islands of Andros, the Cat islands and the island of Acklins are all worth exploring to find your perfect beach house accommodation.

The Bahamas makes a great holiday destination for those in search of tranquillity. By chartering a yacht or finding a beach house on one of the more remote islands of the Bahamas you’ll be able to enjoy the stunning scenery, warm seas and climate in total relaxation and peace.

5 Things to do in Los Angeles

thing to do in los angeles

Everyone wants to visit Los Angeles. It’s a place where dreams come true. Unfortunately, it’s also a place where dreams fail. It’s not that easy to get noticed in Los Angeles. The good news for a traveler who doesn’t live in the area is that you only get to enjoy the great aspects of the city, which we will cover here.

Disney Hall might sound like an amusement park to some people, but it’s actually a concert hall. This is where you go if you want to see and hear classical music being played live. Gustavo Dudamel – Music Director of Los Angeles Philharmonic – does an excellent job. He’s highly energetic. You will be entertained; that’s for sure. You might also enjoy the unique architecture of the building. It was designed by Frank Gehry and is all stainless steel. The twists and turns are remarkable.


Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium is not the most interesting ballpark in the major leagues. Actually, it’s old and on the standard side. However, going to a Dodgers game is a unique experience. It’s more about spotting celebrities than watching the game. That’s why so many people leave in the middle of the game. If you’re a baseball fan, the good news is the Dodgers are a solid organization and usually put a competitive team on the field.

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County is the second largest museum in the country. It’s home to more than 35 million different artifacts. It also has something for everyone. For instance, for those who love the outdoors, go to the Rose Garden. If you like birds, visit the Pavilion of Wings. If you prefer butterflies, visit the Butterfly Pavilion. For kids, there is plenty to do, including an interactive dinosaur-themed room in the basement.


Party in Los Angeles

If you like to party, Club Mayan will be one of the best experiences of your life. The prices are fair and the atmosphere is insane – that’s meant in a good way. This 3-level nightclub has different types of music and atmospheres on each floor. There is also an outdoor section. Oh, and the people are gorgeous.

Are you more of the laidback type? If that’s the case, go to the Million Dollar Theater, which is the best place to see classic films such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show or Blade Runner.

This is only a small sampling of how much there is to do in Los Angeles. These attractions will cost money, which makes saving money on Los Angeles holiday packages so important. If you’re going to do L.A., do it right.

Top Extraordinary Places You Should Stay in Australia

stay in australia

If you are looking for an amazing trip to Australia, you can find great and extraordinary places to stay that can give you a more unique accommodation experience. These top extraordinary places may come in different prices and forms with varied heights of excitement that can give the adventure travellers in Australia the extra thrills and unique vacation experience.

Coober Pedy’s Underground Bed and Breakfast

Any traveller will be willing to pay a $130 a night accommodation just to have an extraordinary experience of staying beneath the earth on this underground accommodation from Coober Pedy. This amazing underground hotel is definitely one that every traveller should not miss to see when travelling in Australia. The site is able to gain 200 five star reviews and it is indeed a unique place to stay. Enjoy the unique dugout accommodation experience just 1.5 Km from the town center with the opportunity of visiting some great attractions like the Breakaway Reserve consisting of colourful low hills and the Old Timer’s Mine which garnered several tourism and cultural heritage awards.

Southern Ocean Lodge

Kangaroo Island’s first luxury lodge is the Southern Ocean Lodge which is marked with its magnificent view and luxurious accommodation. You can arrange your accommodation in this prestigious hotel with a royalty accommodation to offer to its guests. The Southern Ocean Lodge is an extraordinary place to stay in Australia because it allows you to experience staying on a hotel floating a secluded cliff with breathtaking views of the coast. You will be overwhelmed with the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean and view the wilderness of the Kangaroo Island.


australia places to visit

Thorngrove Manor

This small manor in Adelaide Hills is one of the most visited places in Australia by travellers who want to have a taste of a royal accommodation in a majestic place as the Thorngrove Manor. The decor and the facade of the hotel are impressive that fit for a royalty accommodation. The architectural structure of the manor is in combination of natural, royal and futuristic. With its beautiful decor and room arrangements, you will feel at home in this peaceful place that is also regarded by its visitors as one with a romantic touch of beauty.

Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge

This is more than just a lodge once you set afoot the entrance of the Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park. The lodge is in the middle of stunning towering forests with breathtaking scenery of the mountains with a spectacular view of the glacial lakes. Among the activities that you can enjoy doing in the Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge include 20 crisscrossed walking trails, trekking and mountain biking. You can also further enjoy the glacier lake view by fly fishing and canoeing. Guests will have an extraordinary vacation experience with unique serenity and tranquil natural views for a perfect relaxing experience while in Australia.


A Journey To Bursa, Turkey

bursa turkey

Bursa was a famous and important location of Roman and was the first city of Ottoman Kingdom and it’s the capital. Bursa has a lot of Ottoman edifices and it provided as soft silk fabric city middle in Ottoman interval. It is also the city Bursa that delivered well known Turkish kebab known as Alexander. The trip contains Ulu Mosque, Natural Mosque and Grave, Koza Han, Muradiye Grave and Complicated and so on.

Bursa is one of the amazing city also known as Natural Bursa. Local Turkish individuals trips that city even during wintertime season for pent interval of time in ski hotels and going up the top of mountain to Uludag ( mom mountain ). Bursa is so wealthy city with record as being first investment of Ottoman Kingdom. We ‘ll fulfill at the position entrance hall in the morning time and take a ferry-boat to Yalova, then generate to Bursa to check out Huge (Ulu) Mosque the Natural (Yesil) Mosque, Natural Mausoleum.

After the lunchtime check out the Secured Bazaar and the Old Silk Industry, then return to Istanbul.

Visit the Best of Culture and tradition

If you are looking for going to well-known ancient heritage sites, then Bursa is the position to be in Poultry. It is one of the most eye-catching places of Poultry and is also known as the Natural Bursa. It is a well-known city frequented by the regional Turkish individuals during the winter season season and the places really like to invest their vacations in well-known ski hotels. Another essential fascination that pushes a lot of individuals to Bursa is the going up to the top of the mountain to achieve Uludag a very well-known sacred mountain. A trip to Bursa is one of the most interesting and fun loaded trip and the best aspect of the trip to Bursa would be the fun vessel boat drive that you take to Yalova.


Traditional village of Cumalikizik

The conventional city of Cumalikizik is one of the most well-known and pleasant attractions that you will get to see under the hills of the Uludag Mountains. You will really be excited simply to move around the old city middle that was well-known during the Ottoman era and will also capture glimpses of the wood made Ottoman homes.

Climbing to Uludag is yet another encounter that you will never ignore for years and you can also take a wire car trip to the famous Install Olympus. Uludug is the best position to check out for climbing during summertime and snowboarding during winter seasons. Some of the other essential shoelaces that you will check out on your day trip to Bursa are: Natural Mosque, City Center, Secured Bazaar and the old soft silk market.


Historic Green Mosque

Yesil Cami is a position that is based on the popular and ancient Natural Mosque and it homes the mosque, imperial tomb, Emir Sultan mosque as well as Turkish and Islamic Artistry art gallery in a traditional medrese. The City middle is the professional and most vibrant position of the contemporary city of Bursa and you will get to see the Secured market, Ulu Cami or the Excellent Mosque as ell as Silk Cocoon Caravanserai.

A Day Visit to Bursa Tour includes

Enjoy a trip outside of Istanbul and into saving money hills and landscapes of Bursa, the first investment of the Ottomans. Close by there is a amazing opportunity to dip up the old globe atmosphere in the eye-catching city of Cumalikizik.

Pick up from your resort. Set off on generate to Bursa outside of Istanbul. During the trip we quit off at one of Turkey’s protected heritage sites under the hills of Uludag Mountain the conventional city of Cumalikizik, with pleasant landscapes establishing.

Apply for turkish travel visa today and visit beautiful places of Bursa. Here you will appreciate a move around the amazing old city middle and see the wood made Ottoman homes of the welcoming residents. Following a lunchtime hour, we proceed on to Bursa itself, the first investment of the Ottomans. While discovering this little city you will see the Natural Mosque & Grave, the Huge Mosque, popular for its amazing Seljuk walls calligraphy, the Silk Industry and the Secured Bazaar.

Lanzarote is the new winter escape

lanzarote coast winter scape

The island of Lanzarote is one of seven Spanish owned Canary Islands located just 80 kilometres away from the African mainland, and four hours flying time from the UK. One of Lanzarote’s main draws is its fine weather as it experiences year round sun shine with temperatures rarely dropping below 20 degrees, making it a great winter escape. Here are some of the places to go see, eat at and sleep on the island.


One of Lanzarote’s more famous attractions is its beaches. There are plenty to choose from and all of them offer something a little different from the others. El Golfo is one such beach that is a sight to behold due to the sand being black which is unusual for the island as most of the beaches are golden.

Playa Grande is one such beach with golden sands and rows of striped umbrellas sitting in front of the palm trees. This beach is largely used by the package holiday tourists who are staying at the nearby Puerto Del Carmen.

The locals prefer Playa de la Garita which has calm shallow waters making it perfect for families with small children to come and enjoy the sun shine. The beaches along the east coast are great spots for all kinds of water sports such as surfing and wind surfing.

Restaurants in Lanzarote

There are plenty of great restaurants on the island but some in particular are worth a visit more than others. On the outskirts of Arrieta you will find Amanacer bar which offers a menu that has different daily fish dishes and delicious tapas dishes such as the fiery chorizo and the fried squid all at local prices. As it is also a bar you can order yourself some great tasting cocktails from the experienced bartenders and enjoy the sun set from the balcony.

Further inland to Mancha Blanca you will find the newly renovated Restaurante Las Cadenas which has a menu featuring traditional Canary island cuisine and its speciality is roasted and barbecued meats at reasonable prices.

There is also LagOmar which was once a holiday villa for Omar Sharif and was designed by the islands most famous resident Manirque. This restaurant is a local favourite but tourists tend to stay away for some reason, missing out on some great dishes in a contemporary atmosphere.


Newly constructed eco yurts at the family run Finca de Arrieta is part of an environmentally friendly green estate that sits right next to the coast. The landscape that surrounds it exemplifies its eco friendly nature with exotic fruit trees and impressive volcanic stone formations. The eco yurts can sleep two to six people or more when combined.

For an upmarket choice look no further than Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort which offers five star accommodation on Playa Blanca’s beach along the south east coast. The Spanish hotel group Rusticae have a branch on the island as well in the form of Finca de las Salinas near Yaiza. The converted 18th century mansion offer rooms from 94 pounds a night for a double in a fine location.

There’s More to Devon than Cows

Devon Town

Far too often people think of Devon and instantly assume it’s a county full of farms, cows and tractors. They can be forgiven for this when much of what people see is through shows like ‘Down to Earth’ and the numerous outings of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, and it certainly isn’t helped by the fact that Devon is a county full of farms, cows and tractors, but there’s plenty of other stuff as well, and it’s the other stuff that people visit to enjoy on their Devon holidays.

One of the most obvious things that Devon has going for it is its coastline, which includes the Torbay area known as the English Riviera. Miles and miles of both dramatic cliffs that plummet into the crashing waves and golden, stretching beaches that are perfect for swimming, surfing or sandcastle building draw people to Devon year after year.

There are also plenty of attractions throughout Devon, both on the coast and further inland, that give people on family holidays some great opportunities to have fun, whether it’s driving a digger around for a day, watching some sheep races or learning all about wildlife from falconry displays and sea lion shows, you’re sure to find something for everybody.

That wonderful place also has plenty of beautiful countryside and, even if you’re not making full use of it by using the numerous footpaths to explore the county, it’s a wonderful place to drive through and simply be in. The countryside itself is a brilliant stress reliever, so it’s no wonder that Devon remains such a popular holiday destination.

The best vacation guide in Hawaii Islands

hawaii guide

The Hawaii islands are the most popular tourist destination in the world. With natural scenic beauty and some of the best beaches, it is visited by millions of tourists each year. With such a great in flow of tourists, the Hawaiian powers that be are always considering ways to help the avid traveler to enjoy the best that Hawaii has to offer. “Hawaii Guide Me” is the latest addition to this league.

The “Hawaii Guide Me” iPhone app is an application which is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and the iTouch. It provides detailed information about Hawaii, its various islands like Lanai, Oahu, Molokai, Big Island and Maui, the famous tourist spots, restaurants and other eating points, lodging and accommodation facilities, events, shops, activities, weather reports, attractions and other special landmarks. Insightful reviews of customers/visitors, who have enjoyed their vacation Hawaii, can also be availed through this application helping to add real-life insight to further guide you.

Whether you are a local or are on a vacation in Hawaii, the “Hawaii Guide Me” can be very helpful in providing you the latest information and details about Hawaii and the various islands surrounding it. Detailed information regarding various adventures, events, phone numbers, directions and other aspects can be attained by conducting a search as per your preference, which could be date, price, or proximity.

So, if you are planning a vacation in Hawaii, get yourself the ultimate guide to Hawaii – the Hawaii Guide Me iPhone app. This is all in one resource guide, which would help you through your vacation in Hawaii.

Puerto Vallarta, Best Wedding & Honeymoon

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, a seaside resort, lying in the middle of Pacific Ocean’s huge bay, the Bahia de Bandera on one side and Sierra Madra Mountains on the other side, is a premier tourist destination located in Mexico. In the past decade, with the development of hotels and condos, tourism has become a major industry in Puerto Vallarta. Tourists from all over the world visit this place to seek pleasure from exciting snorkeling experience, rolling beaches, archaeological sites, daring adventures and love for knowledge.

Affordable Puerto Vallarta villas are available with excellent weather conditions. The daily average temperature ranges from 70o F to 86o F, perfectly satisfying the needs of visiting snorkelers. Though winter months are the most popular season for traveling to this wonderful place, for better visibility up to 150 feet, summer months are advised especially for tourists who intend to see snorkeling prize, the wonderful Moorish Idol. To make your whole day trip more adventurous, you can have your snorkeling experiences combined along with joy riding, pirate themed shows for your kids and whale watching with family. Los Arcos Marine Reserve, a geological formation of arches and caves with a large number of fish, stingrays, sharks, puffers and parrots is a delightful snorkeling hit of Puerto Vallarta.

For honeymooners, Puerto Vallarta rentals offers ultimate vacation experience with a blend of tranquility, exhilaration, relaxation and many other recreational activities. The affordable accommodations include both Villa Rentals and Condo rentals, where you can have sophisticated services of tourism hotels. At the luxurious Puerto Vallarta Rentals you can experience rich Mexican culture and watch the most beautiful vacation spots in a warm weather. The rentals offer unrestricted and magnificent views of surrounding hills and ivory sandy beaches. This place of mexico are the best place in earth if you are looking for a dream wedding or honeymoon destination with your beloved.

How to afford a great golf trip

golf spain

If you would like to head out for a golfing trip in Europe but feel that you just don’t have that sort of money, it is worth noting that there are some countries in Europe where you can do this and it doesn’t have to cost too much.

You will find that some golf resorts are actually quite affordable, and if you pick the right countries you don’t have to spend a huge amount on the other things you do either.

One country is Turkey. During the last ten years the resort town of Bekel has seen a lot of development, and in one respect, it has seen many great golf courses being built. This is great news for golfers in England, because we all know that Turkey tends to be a cheap place to visit. Comparatively, golf in turkey is quite affordable, and you will find that considering the quality of the courses, a golfing trip to Turkey is fantastic value for money.




Another country that is always considered to be quite affordable is Spain, and you will find hundreds of great courses along it’s Eastern and Southern coastline.

This is great news because traditionally these areas are the most affordable places to visit in Spain, and it means that you can have a cheap holiday whilst playing some of the best courses Spain has to offer. Golf Spain is always cheap, but when you play on the southern coast you can find some real bargain holidays.