Hiring a venue for a private party

When hiring a venue for a private party, there’s a number of different issues that you have to think about. As well as finding the right location for your guests, you also need to consider how easy it’ll be to get to and from the venue, as well as what kinds of facilities the venue will offer. Whether you want to spend a bit more on accommodation, and whether the venue provides overnight accommodation is also important to look at.

Finding the right location for the private party

In terms of finding the right location, there may not always be somewhere suitable to yours and your guests’ tastes nearby; this can particularly be the case if you want a more lavish venue for your party, as well as whether local venues can actually fit in everyone that you’re expecting to attend. In this case, it can be a good idea to consider both larger venues within city centres, or more remote accommodation that can take private parties of different sizes.


However, you’ll also have to consider access for a private party, as well as whether the venue offers accommodation on site – how much extra will this cost, and how easy will it be for people to enter and exit a venue? When hiring a venue, you may consequently have to look at getting minibuses, taxes, and other modes of transportation in place before and after an event, which can have a significant impact on your overall budget.


At the venue itself, you’ll have to see whether or not it’ll put on a tab at the bar, and how much you can reasonably expect to have to put aside, as well as whether you’ll be hosting your party in a whole venue, or in a VIP section. If the latter situation is the case, will there be a special VIP service all night, and can you get discounts by having larger groups of people attending? At the same time, will there be a DJ, and can you organise a sit down meal or a buffet during a party?.


Rules and Regulations

It’s also important to think about what sort of rules and regulations a venue has – can your private party last all night, or will there be a curfew?.

This can be an issue if you’re holding a party near to a residential area, while some venues may have licensing restrictions – can you effectively have a lock in?. Guest safety is similarly paramount, so find out whether a venue has the right exits and entrances for guests, as well as disabled access.


When looking for the best venue for a private party, it’s consequently important to weigh up how much you’re willing to invest in finding the right location, and what facilities they offer – compare different places online, and try to get recommendations from friends and family over where they’ve been and enjoyed in the past. Also, try to get discounts for larger parties, and book in advance to ensure that you won’t be hit by higher charges.