Holidays away from the crowds in the Bahamas

The Bahamas in the Caribbean make an idyllic holiday destination. There are many accommodation options available on the islands including choices away from the crowds. Chartering a yacht and more remote beach houses are self-catering accommodation options in the Bahamas that offer added tranquility.

Located in the Caribbean, the Bahamas is made up of 700 islands and makes a perfect holiday destination. The archipelago boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with crystal clear waters and a large barrier reef which is fabulous for snorkelling. Islands of the Bahamas include the larger New Providence and Grand Bahama or you can head out to smaller or quieter islands such as the Abaco Islands. There are a range of hotels to cater for holidaymakers including all-inclusive hotels and some exclusive boutique hotels. While a hotel holiday may be attractive as there’s no need to think about cooking or washing-up and there is plenty of activities and entertainment laid on, self-catering holiday accommodation can often give you more freedom and seclusion away from the crowds.

The idea of being alone and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and not having to interact with other people, including hotel staff, can be very appealing. In self-catering accommodation you will often have more of your own space than you would in a hotel room and if you have young children self-catering options can be particularly practical as they can run around in without disturbing other guests. Accommodation options in the Bahamas away from the crowds include yacht charters and beach houses on the quieter and more remote islands.


Chartering a yacht in the Bahamas

Known as the sailing capital of the world, with its tranquil waters and gentle breezes, the Bahamas is an ideal sailing holiday destination. There are many companies that offer yacht charters and you can include a skipper for your holiday or, for those with more experience, you can sail yourself. A bareboat charter will mean that you hire a boat without any provisions provided so you are responsible for all your food requirements and sailing needs. This is perfect for giving you the freedom to sail round the islands of the Bahamas enjoying the seclusion and tranquillity away from the crowds.


Beach houses

Private beach houses are available to rent on many of the islands of the Bahamas. They will often provide space away from other holidaymakers and can be found in some of the most beautiful parts of the Bahamas. While the more remote islands can take longer the reach, you will be leaving the crowds behind and enjoying the sound of your own company. The islands of Andros, the Cat islands and the island of Acklins are all worth exploring to find your perfect beach house accommodation.

The Bahamas makes a great holiday destination for those in search of tranquillity. By chartering a yacht or finding a beach house on one of the more remote islands of the Bahamas you’ll be able to enjoy the stunning scenery, warm seas and climate in total relaxation and peace.