There’s More to Devon than Cows

Far too often people think of Devon and instantly assume it’s a county full of farms, cows and tractors. They can be forgiven for this when much of what people see is through shows like ‘Down to Earth’ and the numerous outings of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, and it certainly isn’t helped by the fact that Devon is a county full of farms, cows and tractors, but there’s plenty of other stuff as well, and it’s the other stuff that people visit to enjoy on their Devon holidays.

One of the most obvious things that Devon has going for it is its coastline, which includes the Torbay area known as the English Riviera. Miles and miles of both dramatic cliffs that plummet into the crashing waves and golden, stretching beaches that are perfect for swimming, surfing or sandcastle building draw people to Devon year after year.

There are also plenty of attractions throughout Devon, both on the coast and further inland, that give people on family holidays some great opportunities to have fun, whether it’s driving a digger around for a day, watching some sheep races or learning all about wildlife from falconry displays and sea lion shows, you’re sure to find something for everybody.

That wonderful place also has plenty of beautiful countryside and, even if you’re not making full use of it by using the numerous footpaths to explore the county, it’s a wonderful place to drive through and simply be in. The countryside itself is a brilliant stress reliever, so it’s no wonder that Devon remains such a popular holiday destination.