Top Extraordinary Places You Should Stay in Australia

If you are looking for an amazing trip to Australia, you can find great and extraordinary places to stay that can give you a more unique accommodation experience. These top extraordinary places may come in different prices and forms with varied heights of excitement that can give the adventure travellers in Australia the extra thrills and unique vacation experience.

Coober Pedy’s Underground Bed and Breakfast

Any traveller will be willing to pay a $130 a night accommodation just to have an extraordinary experience of staying beneath the earth on this underground accommodation from Coober Pedy. This amazing underground hotel is definitely one that every traveller should not miss to see when travelling in Australia. The site is able to gain 200 five star reviews and it is indeed a unique place to stay. Enjoy the unique dugout accommodation experience just 1.5 Km from the town center with the opportunity of visiting some great attractions like the Breakaway Reserve consisting of colourful low hills and the Old Timer’s Mine which garnered several tourism and cultural heritage awards.

Southern Ocean Lodge

Kangaroo Island’s first luxury lodge is the Southern Ocean Lodge which is marked with its magnificent view and luxurious accommodation. You can arrange your accommodation in this prestigious hotel with a royalty accommodation to offer to its guests. The Southern Ocean Lodge is an extraordinary place to stay in Australia because it allows you to experience staying on a hotel floating a secluded cliff with breathtaking views of the coast. You will be overwhelmed with the pristine waters of the Southern Ocean and view the wilderness of the Kangaroo Island.


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Thorngrove Manor

This small manor in Adelaide Hills is one of the most visited places in Australia by travellers who want to have a taste of a royal accommodation in a majestic place as the Thorngrove Manor. The decor and the facade of the hotel are impressive that fit for a royalty accommodation. The architectural structure of the manor is in combination of natural, royal and futuristic. With its beautiful decor and room arrangements, you will feel at home in this peaceful place that is also regarded by its visitors as one with a romantic touch of beauty.

Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge

This is more than just a lodge once you set afoot the entrance of the Cradle Mountain Lake St Clair National Park. The lodge is in the middle of stunning towering forests with breathtaking scenery of the mountains with a spectacular view of the glacial lakes. Among the activities that you can enjoy doing in the Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge include 20 crisscrossed walking trails, trekking and mountain biking. You can also further enjoy the glacier lake view by fly fishing and canoeing. Guests will have an extraordinary vacation experience with unique serenity and tranquil natural views for a perfect relaxing experience while in Australia.