What you need to know about Bahrain visas for students

Visas in Bahrain are divided according to a number of features they possess. One of them is the reason why one is visiting and how often they plan to do it

Which organization or body is sponsoring your visit also counts. This body can choose to arrange for your visa and have it issued before. Some of the requirements for those wanting to study in Bahrain to get sponsorship for student’s visas include

• A request for the student visa in form of a letter from the student’s parent or guardian

• The student’s original passport

• Proof of the parent or guardian’s income and residence in Bahrain is also important.

• The student also needs to have made the necessary payments as well.


Students visa, Bahrain information

• Some of the learning institutions will follow through the process of getting students their visas. However, the process cannot be guaranteed to be perfect. Having the process started early enough will reduce the delays and have your visa earlier. Nevertheless, the applicant’s nationality and their original state will what’s more play a part in this.

• The importance of a student’s visa for those wanting to study in Bahrain is that it makes it legal for them to live and study in the country.

• Student visa eligibility for immigration from Bahrain will depend on the particular countries they want to move to. Similar to Bahrain visas, these visas will also be varied and have conditions for students. It is important for students to know which fees are covered by the sponsoring institutions and which ones are not; this is especially with those with scholarships.

• Visas can be electronic where you obtain it online or standard where it will need to be manually stamped. It is advisable to always keep yourself informed about the requirements for Bahrain visas and always confirm whether you are eligible before application.

• If you intend to tour Bahrain as a student or for leisure you need to have your passport with extra pages to as to enable for the necessary stamping. The passport of course will need to be updated for you to get a visa.


Other types of Bahrain Visas


Tourist visas

Citizens from the United States, Canada, Hong kong, New Zealand and Australia will get a Bahrain visa for not more than 14 days. They are given out on the day they will arrive while other citizens are required to get it earlier form their embassies. The visitors must own return tickets as well.

Visiting to outside Bahrain, ensure that your passport is legitimate and has been valid for more than 90 days before you can start the process of travelling. If you are visiting from the GCC states and you have a passport, you will not need a Bahrain visa.


Three day and seven day visas

To get these visas processed, one will also need to have a return ticket for the journey. The visa will then be issued when they get to Bahrain.


Family visa

This is for those individuals who intend to permanently move to Bahrain. In order to have the visa processed, one needs to have:

• Records of their family’s health that are obtained from an endorsed health institution.

• The contract for the employee.

• The application documents.

• Copies of the passports that belong to the employee as well as the family members they intend to move with.

• A sponsorship letter belonging to the employee.

• The necessary payment fee required for every applicant.

With every type of visa, there are rules and conditions one has to follow. They provide guidance on how long one can stay, what activities one is prohibited from engaging in. For instance, upon visiting the country with a tourist visa, one is a tourist and not authorized to engage in any employment