5 things any travel guru will advise you before you travel

Before you travel, there are some dos and don’ts that you should be aware of that will guarantee a safe trip. These are some of the rules of travel that everyone should know about and that your travel guru will impress upon you before you travel.


1. Watch what you eat

The best way to avoid food poisoning while in a foreign land is to remember the basics about eateries:

• Long queues at eating joints are a good sign. It means that food is always freshly cooked.
• If you can investigate the kitchen, get a sense of the cleanliness of the place.
• Carry some food poisoning medicine just in case something upsets your stomach.
• Finally, don’t trust any water or ice cubes apart from bottled water that is sealed. If possible, buy the well-known brands.


2. Avoid transportation surprises

The best way to shake off that “tourist-naivety-look” is to know as much about your destination as possible. If you don’t have information about a service, ask and confirm before using the service.

For example, find out from your cab driver the distance and cost of a trip before you take the ride. Also, be prepared to pay with small money denominations to avoid losing money because of lack of change.


3. Prepare for your living situation early enough

If you plan on staying at your travel destination for a few days, make your reservations days before you arrive at your destination and make a confirmation 24 hours before you arrive.

If you are going to travel to Los Angeles on vacation, have a look at vacation rentals in Los Angeles depending on the length of your trip and your tastes. You may find that a vacation rental is better for you than a hotel room.


4. How to resolve any issues

You are in a foreign country. Avoid fist fights at all costs. If, for example, you are in a hotel room with a noisy guest, avoid conflict and just call the manager on duty and let him handle it. If someone has to move, be polite enough to be the one to move to a quieter room.

If your hotel bill, for example, has costs that you didn’t know existed. Insist on finding out what they are, and if you don’t understand, call a supervisor or manager to explain it to you. It could be a mistake or a standard cost that is assumed. Either way, a supervisor or manager is better placed to explain the situation to you and help you come to some compromise or resolution.


5. Polite photographs

The best way to take photos of people and places without offending anyone is to ask for permission before you click away. If you have a language barrier try using gestures and your camera. Most people will understand and give you a reaction to indicate if it’s ok or not to take the photo.

Don’t try and be sneaky or insist on doing what seems to be a problem to the locals.

The best rule of thumb when traveling to a new place is to use your common sense where necessary and to follow cues from the locals so that you are not caught offside doing something that is taboo or frowned upon at your travel destination. In all cases, be safe and stay safe.