Scotland’s most fascinating and magnificent wild animal?

There is one creature that can capture the hearts of most with elegant and synchronised movements, brilliant facial expressions and playful behaviours. Dolphins are able to woo both adults and children alike. Dolphins live all over the world. Scotland offers those who visit the coast the opportunity to spot these fascinating marine mammals. They are inquisitive and love people they are often found playing in the wake of a boat or along the coast. Dolphins in Oban are in a perfect location with many ferries, trip boats and private boats they are provided with ample opportunity to jump spy-hop and swim among the boats in the bays and surrounding islands.


Dolphins in Oban and Easdale

Just South of Oban is Easdale Island, from which Seafari Adventures offer wildlife trips. Unfortunately Seafari cannot promise you sightings of dolphins near Oban, however they do their best to spot them if they are in the area. Their fleet of boats are out on the water every day recording sightings of dolphins off Argyll’s coastline.

The sightings of Dolphins in Oban and Easdale are recorded by Seafari Adventures who then pass the information onto the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust; this helps them with research into “details, sufficiency, dwelling or the bluster that face them.”

Dolphins around Oban are usually Bottlenose Dolphins and can be identified by looking out for their prominent dorsal fin and nose. They can reach up to 3.8 meters in length, and weigh up to 400kgs. Dolphins can live up to 30 years old.

A calf will stay with its mother for about 8 years. They usually travel in pods of 5 – 100, Here on the West Coast of Scotland we tend to see them in groups of 3 – 30. Seafari’s wildlife guides provide passengers with a wealth of knowledge on this marine mammal and others species seen in the area. As the dolphins in Oban are around all year there is no best time to come out to try and see them. It has been known for dolphins to visit Easdale Sound on Christmas Day which isn’t a bad Christmas present!. Seeing these spirited creatures is a wonderful experience that everyone can enjoy.