How to afford a great golf trip

If you would like to head out for a golfing trip in Europe but feel that you just don’t have that sort of money, it is worth noting that there are some countries in Europe where you can do this and it doesn’t have to cost too much.

You will find that some golf resorts are actually quite affordable, and if you pick the right countries you don’t have to spend a huge amount on the other things you do either.ç


One country is Turkey. During the last ten years the resort town of Bekel has seen a lot of development, and in one respect, it has seen many great golf courses being built. This is great news for golfers in England, because we all know that Turkey tends to be a cheap place to visit. Comparatively, golf in turkey is quite affordable, and you will find that considering the quality of the courses, a golfing trip to Turkey is fantastic value for money.


Another country that is always considere to be quite affordable is Spain. You will find hundreds of great courses along it’s Eastern and Southern coastline.

This is great news because traditionally these areas are the most affordable places to visit in Spain. This means that you can have a cheap holiday whilst playing some of the best courses Spain has to offer. Golf Spain is always cheap, but when you play on the southern coast you can find some real bargain holidays.