Puerto Vallarta, Best Wedding & Honeymoon

Puerto Vallarta, a seaside resort, lying in the middle of Pacific Ocean’s huge bay, the Bahia de Bandera on one side and Sierra Madra Mountains on the other side, is a premier tourist destination located in Mexico. In the past decade, with the development of hotels and condos, tourism has become a major industry in Puerto Vallarta. Tourists from all over the world visit this place to seek pleasure from exciting snorkeling experience, rolling beaches, archaeological sites, daring adventures and love for knowledge.

Affordable Puerto Vallarta villas are available with excellent weather conditions. The daily average temperature ranges from 70o F to 86o F, perfectly satisfying the needs of visiting snorkelers. Though winter months are the most popular season for traveling to this wonderful place, for better visibility up to 150 feet, summer months are advised especially for tourists who intend to see snorkeling prize, the wonderful Moorish Idol. To make your whole day trip more adventurous, you can have your snorkeling experiences combined along with joy riding, pirate themed shows for your kids and whale watching with family. Los Arcos Marine Reserve, a geological formation of arches and caves with a large number of fish, stingrays, sharks, puffers and parrots is a delightful snorkeling hit of Puerto Vallarta.

For honeymooners, Puerto Vallarta rentals offers ultimate vacation experience with a blend of tranquility, exhilaration, relaxation and many other recreational activities. The affordable accommodations include both Villa Rentals and Condo rentals, where you can have sophisticated services of tourism hotels. At the luxurious Puerto Vallarta Rentals you can experience rich Mexican culture and watch the most beautiful vacation spots in a warm weather. The rentals offer unrestricted and magnificent views of surrounding hills and ivory sandy beaches. This place of mexico are the best place in earth if you are looking for a dream wedding or honeymoon destination with your beloved.