Water Sports in Greece

Greece water sports


Holidays in Greece are mainly focused on its beaches and other natural beauty as well as its historical sites and nightlife. It has great diversity in architecture as well as historical monuments, but one thing common to most of Greece is the pristine beaches and crystal clear turquoise water. Visitors, mainly from the rest of Europe and increasingly from all over the world, enjoy Greece water sports throughout the many islands.

The main water sports enjoyed on holidays in Greece are swimming, jet skiing, parasailing, wakeboarding, barefoot water skiing, sea canoeing, sailing, scuba diving, kite surfing, wind surfing, fishing and many more.

Water skiing is very popular in Athens, especially at Vouliagmeni beach. There are well-trained instructors who cater to children. Expert level water skiing is also available. Most skiers make a deep water start by crouching in the water with the knees bent and arms outstretched. The two arms and rope should be between the knees. When the signal is given, the boat driver gradually pulls the skier, who holds on to the handle of the rope and rises out of the water skimming the surface on the skis.


Sailing in Greece

Sailing is also popular, but depends on weather conditions. The various sailing companies can be contacted for information on boat hire and weather conditions. Winters are mild and short, but tend to be wet. Summer, from April to October, is the high season with warm, clear blue skies most of the time at the beaches.

Greece water sports include windsurfing. The Island of Paros is one of the windsurfing centres of the world. Designated six times the World Cup site, it is the best place for top competitions or for learning the basic skills. It has unique weather conditions with the required wind, and the ideal beach conditions to make it one of the top three best places in the world for windsurfing.

A combination of sailing and surfing, windsurfing needs a board two to four metres with a connected sail rig and a mast. Someone with good surfing skills can usually learn wind surfing quickly.


Diving in Greece

Diving is another water sport that is especially good in Greece. The crystal clear water makes underwater visibility excellent, and there are not only reefs and sea animals to see but archaeological sites also. From Mykonos divers see ancient Greek and Roman scenes as well as wrecks, caves and canyons. The currents are almost non-existent, and the water is clear and warm in the Aegean Sea.

Greece is an excellent water sport holiday destination, and with budget and luxury accommodation there is something for everyone. Resorts cater to families so that each family member can enjoy a water activity suitable for their level of expertise and interest.