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A Journey To Bursa, Turkey

bursa turkey

Bursa was a famous and important location of Roman and was the first city of Ottoman Kingdom and it’s the capital. Bursa has a lot of Ottoman edifices and it provided as soft silk fabric city middle in Ottoman interval. It is also the city Bursa that delivered well known Turkish kebab known as Alexander. The trip contains Ulu Mosque, Natural Mosque and Grave, Koza Han, Muradiye Grave and Complicated and so on.

Bursa is one of the amazing city also known as Natural Bursa. Local Turkish individuals trips that city even during wintertime season for pent interval of time in ski hotels and going up the top of mountain to Uludag ( mom mountain ). Bursa is so wealthy city with record as being first investment of Ottoman Kingdom. We ‘ll fulfill at the position entrance hall in the morning time and take a ferry-boat to Yalova, then generate to Bursa to check out Huge (Ulu) Mosque the Natural (Yesil) Mosque, Natural Mausoleum.

After the lunchtime check out the Secured Bazaar and the Old Silk Industry, then return to Istanbul.

Visit the Best of Culture and tradition

If you are looking for going to well-known ancient heritage sites, then Bursa is the position to be in Poultry. It is one of the most eye-catching places of Poultry and is also known as the Natural Bursa. It is a well-known city frequented by the regional Turkish individuals during the winter season season and the places really like to invest their vacations in well-known ski hotels. Another essential fascination that pushes a lot of individuals to Bursa is the going up to the top of the mountain to achieve Uludag a very well-known sacred mountain. A trip to Bursa is one of the most interesting and fun loaded trip and the best aspect of the trip to Bursa would be the fun vessel boat drive that you take to Yalova.


Traditional village of Cumalikizik

The conventional city of Cumalikizik is one of the most well-known and pleasant attractions that you will get to see under the hills of the Uludag Mountains. You will really be excited simply to move around the old city middle that was well-known during the Ottoman era and will also capture glimpses of the wood made Ottoman homes.

Climbing to Uludag is yet another encounter that you will never ignore for years and you can also take a wire car trip to the famous Install Olympus. Uludug is the best position to check out for climbing during summertime and snowboarding during winter seasons. Some of the other essential shoelaces that you will check out on your day trip to Bursa are: Natural Mosque, City Center, Secured Bazaar and the old soft silk market.


Historic Green Mosque

Yesil Cami is a position that is based on the popular and ancient Natural Mosque and it homes the mosque, imperial tomb, Emir Sultan mosque as well as Turkish and Islamic Artistry art gallery in a traditional medrese. The City middle is the professional and most vibrant position of the contemporary city of Bursa and you will get to see the Secured market, Ulu Cami or the Excellent Mosque as ell as Silk Cocoon Caravanserai.

A Day Visit to Bursa Tour includes

Enjoy a trip outside of Istanbul and into saving money hills and landscapes of Bursa, the first investment of the Ottomans. Close by there is a amazing opportunity to dip up the old globe atmosphere in the eye-catching city of Cumalikizik.

Pick up from your resort. Set off on generate to Bursa outside of Istanbul. During the trip we quit off at one of Turkey’s protected heritage sites under the hills of Uludag Mountain the conventional city of Cumalikizik, with pleasant landscapes establishing.

Apply for turkish travel visa today and visit beautiful places of Bursa. Here you will appreciate a move around the amazing old city middle and see the wood made Ottoman homes of the welcoming residents. Following a lunchtime hour, we proceed on to Bursa itself, the first investment of the Ottomans. While discovering this little city you will see the Natural Mosque & Grave, the Huge Mosque, popular for its amazing Seljuk walls calligraphy, the Silk Industry and the Secured Bazaar.

Lanzarote is the new winter escape

lanzarote coast winter scape

The island of Lanzarote is one of seven Spanish owned Canary Islands located just 80 kilometres away from the African mainland, and four hours flying time from the UK. One of Lanzarote’s main draws is its fine weather as it experiences year round sun shine with temperatures rarely dropping below 20 degrees, making it a great winter escape. Here are some of the places to go see, eat at and sleep on the island.


One of Lanzarote’s more famous attractions is its beaches. There are plenty to choose from and all of them offer something a little different from the others. El Golfo is one such beach that is a sight to behold due to the sand being black which is unusual for the island as most of the beaches are golden.

Playa Grande is one such beach with golden sands and rows of striped umbrellas sitting in front of the palm trees. This beach is largely used by the package holiday tourists who are staying at the nearby Puerto Del Carmen.

The locals prefer Playa de la Garita which has calm shallow waters making it perfect for families with small children to come and enjoy the sun shine. The beaches along the east coast are great spots for all kinds of water sports such as surfing and wind surfing.

Restaurants in Lanzarote

There are plenty of great restaurants on the island but some in particular are worth a visit more than others. On the outskirts of Arrieta you will find Amanacer bar which offers a menu that has different daily fish dishes and delicious tapas dishes such as the fiery chorizo and the fried squid all at local prices. As it is also a bar you can order yourself some great tasting cocktails from the experienced bartenders and enjoy the sun set from the balcony.

Further inland to Mancha Blanca you will find the newly renovated Restaurante Las Cadenas which has a menu featuring traditional Canary island cuisine and its speciality is roasted and barbecued meats at reasonable prices.

There is also LagOmar which was once a holiday villa for Omar Sharif and was designed by the islands most famous resident Manirque. This restaurant is a local favourite but tourists tend to stay away for some reason, missing out on some great dishes in a contemporary atmosphere.


Newly constructed eco yurts at the family run Finca de Arrieta is part of an environmentally friendly green estate that sits right next to the coast. The landscape that surrounds it exemplifies its eco friendly nature with exotic fruit trees and impressive volcanic stone formations. The eco yurts can sleep two to six people or more when combined.

For an upmarket choice look no further than Princesa Yaiza Suite Hotel Resort which offers five star accommodation on Playa Blanca’s beach along the south east coast. The Spanish hotel group Rusticae have a branch on the island as well in the form of Finca de las Salinas near Yaiza. The converted 18th century mansion offer rooms from 94 pounds a night for a double in a fine location.

There’s More to Devon than Cows

Devon Town

Far too often people think of Devon and instantly assume it’s a county full of farms, cows and tractors. They can be forgiven for this when much of what people see is through shows like ‘Down to Earth’ and the numerous outings of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, and it certainly isn’t helped by the fact that Devon is a county full of farms, cows and tractors, but there’s plenty of other stuff as well, and it’s the other stuff that people visit to enjoy on their Devon holidays.

One of the most obvious things that Devon has going for it is its coastline, which includes the Torbay area known as the English Riviera. Miles and miles of both dramatic cliffs that plummet into the crashing waves and golden, stretching beaches that are perfect for swimming, surfing or sandcastle building draw people to Devon year after year.

There are also plenty of attractions throughout Devon, both on the coast and further inland, that give people on family holidays some great opportunities to have fun, whether it’s driving a digger around for a day, watching some sheep races or learning all about wildlife from falconry displays and sea lion shows, you’re sure to find something for everybody.

That wonderful place also has plenty of beautiful countryside and, even if you’re not making full use of it by using the numerous footpaths to explore the county, it’s a wonderful place to drive through and simply be in. The countryside itself is a brilliant stress reliever, so it’s no wonder that Devon remains such a popular holiday destination.

The best vacation guide in Hawaii Islands

hawaii guide

The Hawaii islands are the most popular tourist destination in the world. With natural scenic beauty and some of the best beaches, it is visited by millions of tourists each year. With such a great in flow of tourists, the Hawaiian powers that be are always considering ways to help the avid traveler to enjoy the best that Hawaii has to offer. “Hawaii Guide Me” is the latest addition to this league.

The “Hawaii Guide Me” iPhone app is an application which is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and the iTouch. It provides detailed information about Hawaii, its various islands like Lanai, Oahu, Molokai, Big Island and Maui, the famous tourist spots, restaurants and other eating points, lodging and accommodation facilities, events, shops, activities, weather reports, attractions and other special landmarks. Insightful reviews of customers/visitors, who have enjoyed their vacation Hawaii, can also be availed through this application helping to add real-life insight to further guide you.

Whether you are a local or are on a vacation in Hawaii, the “Hawaii Guide Me” can be very helpful in providing you the latest information and details about Hawaii and the various islands surrounding it. Detailed information regarding various adventures, events, phone numbers, directions and other aspects can be attained by conducting a search as per your preference, which could be date, price, or proximity.

So, if you are planning a vacation in Hawaii, get yourself the ultimate guide to Hawaii – the Hawaii Guide Me iPhone app. This is all in one resource guide, which would help you through your vacation in Hawaii.

Puerto Vallarta, Best Wedding & Honeymoon

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, a seaside resort, lying in the middle of Pacific Ocean’s huge bay, the Bahia de Bandera on one side and Sierra Madra Mountains on the other side, is a premier tourist destination located in Mexico. In the past decade, with the development of hotels and condos, tourism has become a major industry in Puerto Vallarta. Tourists from all over the world visit this place to seek pleasure from exciting snorkeling experience, rolling beaches, archaeological sites, daring adventures and love for knowledge.

Affordable Puerto Vallarta villas are available with excellent weather conditions. The daily average temperature ranges from 70o F to 86o F, perfectly satisfying the needs of visiting snorkelers. Though winter months are the most popular season for traveling to this wonderful place, for better visibility up to 150 feet, summer months are advised especially for tourists who intend to see snorkeling prize, the wonderful Moorish Idol. To make your whole day trip more adventurous, you can have your snorkeling experiences combined along with joy riding, pirate themed shows for your kids and whale watching with family. Los Arcos Marine Reserve, a geological formation of arches and caves with a large number of fish, stingrays, sharks, puffers and parrots is a delightful snorkeling hit of Puerto Vallarta.

For honeymooners, Puerto Vallarta rentals offers ultimate vacation experience with a blend of tranquility, exhilaration, relaxation and many other recreational activities. The affordable accommodations include both Villa Rentals and Condo rentals, where you can have sophisticated services of tourism hotels. At the luxurious Puerto Vallarta Rentals you can experience rich Mexican culture and watch the most beautiful vacation spots in a warm weather. The rentals offer unrestricted and magnificent views of surrounding hills and ivory sandy beaches. This place of mexico are the best place in earth if you are looking for a dream wedding or honeymoon destination with your beloved.

How to afford a great golf trip

golf spain

If you would like to head out for a golfing trip in Europe but feel that you just don’t have that sort of money, it is worth noting that there are some countries in Europe where you can do this and it doesn’t have to cost too much.

You will find that some golf resorts are actually quite affordable, and if you pick the right countries you don’t have to spend a huge amount on the other things you do either.

One country is Turkey. During the last ten years the resort town of Bekel has seen a lot of development, and in one respect, it has seen many great golf courses being built. This is great news for golfers in England, because we all know that Turkey tends to be a cheap place to visit. Comparatively, golf in turkey is quite affordable, and you will find that considering the quality of the courses, a golfing trip to Turkey is fantastic value for money.




Another country that is always considered to be quite affordable is Spain, and you will find hundreds of great courses along it’s Eastern and Southern coastline.

This is great news because traditionally these areas are the most affordable places to visit in Spain, and it means that you can have a cheap holiday whilst playing some of the best courses Spain has to offer. Golf Spain is always cheap, but when you play on the southern coast you can find some real bargain holidays.

Panorama of Mirissa Beach, Sri Lanka

missira beach sri lanka

Sri Lanka is an island heaven. In the matter of shorelines the island brags of a wide assortment of shorelines, with daylight and differing marine life.


Mirissa Beach


Mirissa Beach is an inexorably well-known region along the southern piece of the island and is a sickle molded shoreline that is so quiet whilst in the meantime offering numerous action alternatives that can keep even the most vivacious families cheerful.

The shoreline houses and restaurants that regularly populate and some of the time shut out the shoreline itself, in Mirissa are arranged far from the shoreline, which gives guests the impression of being in an isolates palm bordered shoreline. On a calm day the main sound that could be heard is the sound of a coconut falling!

With a bow formed shoreline the region is pretty much a cove, and the Right side has turned into a prevalent problem area for surfers from over the globe who populate the shoreline from morning to night searching for the ideal wave. In the event that you start to hear bounce marley music and see individuals wearing fear bolts then you have swerved towards the surfing side of Mirissa shoreline. On the off chance that you are on either end of Mirissa Beach then watch out for solid momentums and tear tides and also ocean urchins.




This island country has various spots to go dolphin viewing however one spot where a traveler can watch dolphins furthermore investigate a lot of other neighborhood attractions is at Mirissa and Dondra point in the southernmost tip of the nation. The best time to go to watch these canny animals of the ocean is around December to January. However even the months of February and March are as energizing with their special sightings.

In the event that one needs to get the activity of dolphins turning out of the water and skipping around the pontoons that takes one to the ocean, the best time to go out into the ocean is early morning. Detecting these lovable animals would be an impeccable approach to begin a day in this tropical island.

A thing to remember when one goes dolphin viewing is to not bolster these creatures as they are wild creatures and don’t verge on the watercraft for nourishment. Don’t attempt to go excessively near where the schools of dolphins are and dependably hold fast to the security rules that have been educated to you.


Investigate the corals


For the individuals who need to go dolphin and whale viewing there are various shoreline lodgings in Sri Lanka. One excellent Hikkaduwa lodging is the ChaayaTranzHikkaduwa, which was as of late revamped to give unmatched extravagance to the voyagers who visit the territory to investigate the corals, incredible shoreline vibe and obviously the dolphins and the whales at this incredibly famous spot

Whilst the two finishes of the shoreline characteristic rough bottoms and smashing waves, the center zone is generally level. The shoreline slants delicately to the sea and the non-sharp drops or shrouded racks permit you to exit very nearly 20 meters into the ocean before the water achieves waist level.

The shoreline additionally pulls in a huge swarm amid the dawn and particularly dusk. Whilst the dawn might be seen from one end of the shoreline, the dusk could be seen over the palm trees and inaccessible slopes. The magnificence amid this period is stunning and can abandon you confused.

You can simply get your SriLanka Visa by purchasing them at the border offices or simply apply for the visas online. For you to get the visa you must have a valid passport.

Water Sports in Greece

sea sports water greece

Greece water sports


Holidays in Greece are mainly focused on its beaches and other natural beauty as well as its historical sites and nightlife. It has great diversity in architecture as well as historical monuments, but one thing common to most of Greece is the pristine beaches and crystal clear turquoise water. Visitors, mainly from the rest of Europe and increasingly from all over the world, enjoy Greece water sports throughout the many islands.

The main water sports enjoyed on holidays in Greece are swimming, jet skiing, parasailing, wakeboarding, barefoot water skiing, sea canoeing, sailing, scuba diving, kite surfing, wind surfing, fishing and many more.

Water skiing is very popular in Athens, especially at Vouliagmeni beach. There are well-trained instructors who cater to children. Expert level water skiing is also available. Most skiers make a deep water start by crouching in the water with the knees bent and arms outstretched. The two arms and rope should be between the knees. When the signal is given, the boat driver gradually pulls the skier, who holds on to the handle of the rope and rises out of the water skimming the surface on the skis.


Sailing in Greece

Sailing is also popular, but depends on weather conditions. The various sailing companies can be contacted for information on boat hire and weather conditions. Winters are mild and short, but tend to be wet. Summer, from April to October, is the high season with warm, clear blue skies most of the time at the beaches.

Greece water sports include windsurfing. The Island of Paros is one of the windsurfing centres of the world. Designated six times the World Cup site, it is the best place for top competitions or for learning the basic skills. It has unique weather conditions with the required wind, and the ideal beach conditions to make it one of the top three best places in the world for windsurfing.

A combination of sailing and surfing, windsurfing needs a board two to four metres with a connected sail rig and a mast. Someone with good surfing skills can usually learn wind surfing quickly.


Diving in Greece

Diving is another water sport that is especially good in Greece. The crystal clear water makes underwater visibility excellent, and there are not only reefs and sea animals to see but archaeological sites also. From Mykonos divers see ancient Greek and Roman scenes as well as wrecks, caves and canyons. The currents are almost non-existent, and the water is clear and warm in the Aegean Sea.

Greece is an excellent water sport holiday destination, and with budget and luxury accommodation there is something for everyone. Resorts cater to families so that each family member can enjoy a water activity suitable for their level of expertise and interest.

The island of Corfu in Greece

corfu greece destinations

Corfu covers an area of 592 km2 and has a coastline of 217 km. It is a long narrow island, 62 km long and 9 km wide. It is green, due to its fertile terrain, with olive trees in the north, wealthy vegetation in the center and less greenery in the south. The island’s land is mainly mountainous, with its highest peak Mount Pantokratora (906m), on its northern side. The capital is the town of Corfu.

Its western side, bordered by the Ionian Sea, has rocky and abrupt coasts and its sea is often rough. Its eastern side, separated from the Greek mainland by a narrow stretch of sea, has large beaches and beautiful bays and its sea is often calm.

The island’s climate is mild throughout the year, with a pleasant cool summer because of the winds from the Adriatic Sea. On the island agriculture had flourished, but today it has given way to tourism. Corfu has many beautiful sites that visitors should not omit from their itineraries. One of these is the little bay in the peninsula Kanoni, 4 km from the capital, with the Monastery of Vlachernas, connected to mainland only by a narrow passage, and with the small picturesque island of Pontikonisi. This place is one of the most beautiful and representative of the island.

In the village of Palaiokastrizza, 25 km from the capital, on the western side of the island, the visitor meets a wonderful natural environment, full of ancient legends. The landscape is green, with little bays of unique beauty. The legend says that the Palace of King Alkinoo, who helped the legendary hero Odysseus after his shipwreck, was on this side. It says also that a small island, in the area, is the hero’s petrified ship.


Other Greece destinations

For more information about other Greece destinations make sure to checkout the Iventure Card.

Tourist Attractions in Malaysia

Tourist Attractions in Malaysia

Malaysia is the most visited countries in the world! Mainly attributed to the beautiful monuments and other children and adult attractions present there. The Capital Kuala Lumpur hosts some of the world’s finest monuments, parks and so on.


Petronas Twin Towers:

This beautiful twin tower is indeed the landmark of the capital, Kuala Lumpur. It hosts a number of offices, conference halls, a sprawling park and a market with a shopping complex. If you are in Kuala Lumpur, then you can see these towers standing even at a 1 km distance. So take photographs of you standing near the Petronas Towers and show it to your friends!!


Sultan Abdul Samad Building:

This historic building was once ruled by the colonial forces, but now functioning as the High Court and the Supreme Court. The Clock Tower and the Moorish design make it very special among the monuments in the country itself.


Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens:

This is a destination which should not be missed for sure. This historical monument built in 1880’s, is by far the most sought after park in the city. The artificial lake is surrounded by magnificent flowering plants, shrubs, and trees along with a botanical garden. Music and cultural shows conducted regularly also adds to its beauty. Besides it is the home to wide varieties of entertainment which consists of various sites like Orchid Garden, Hibiscus Garden, Butterfly Park, Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, Malaysian National Monument, Deer Park, Carcosa Seri Negara and Forest Research Institute of Malaysia. So don’t miss it if you are in Kuala Lumpur.


Johor Grand Palace and the Royal Abu Bakar Museum:

The beautiful palace patronized by Sultan Abu Bakar is one of the most ancient palaces of Malaysia. Built in 1864, this beautiful and the majestic palace represents the Anglo Malaya Style in its construction. Nowadays this palace serves as a museum holding the collections of the assets of the King Sultan Abu Bakar.


Johor Art Gallery:

This art gallery in Johor city is the treasure house of all historical and cultural artifacts and other antiquities. Tourists will also enjoy seeing historical items like ceramic objects, currency, and calligraphy. Other items present in the gallery include fabric, manuscripts, weapons and other objects of fine arts. So get a taste of history about the city of Johor.


Johor Forest Parks:

If you travel around Johor then you will find several forest parks in your way. The Endau Rompin National Park is known for its rich flora and fauna. Also it attracts tourists from all over the world. The natural habitat here makes people amazed. If you are looking for other parks here in Johor, then you have lots as well like Gunung Pulai Recreational Forest, Gunung Ledang Recreational Forest, Gunung Arong Recreational Forest, Gunung Lambak Recreational Forest, Gunung Belumut Recreational Forest and Gunung Panti Recreational Forest.


Langkawi Beaches:

If you are traveling to Langkawi city, then make sure you don’t miss the beautiful beaches. Beaches are the perfect holiday destinations for tourist, be it any country. The most visited ones in the city are Kanjung Rhu, Panti Kok, Pantai Genang, Pantai Tengh, Datai and Burau Bay. All these beaches promise good recreation and great holiday experience. If you are looking for places to relax and enjoy then don’t miss these beaches.


Pulau Payar Marine Park:

This marine park in the city of Langkawi is famously known for its assortment of marine life and vegetation. The great thing about this park is that it protects the endangered species of fishes and other marine animals within a sanctuary. The Coral Garden is known for its beautiful golden corals. Besides in this park you also have the privilege of swimming and sailing as it is close to the beach.

So Malaysia is truly a dream world for the tourists!!! With each city offering so much of fun, the tourists are sure to enjoy their trip to the country!!